Peer reviews

The manuscripts found to be appropriate in the initial evaluation will be sent for double-blind peer review (the reviewers are not identified to the authors and vice versa). Before a decision on a manuscript, at least two specialists must have presented their evaluations. In case of divergence, the final decision will rest with the associate editor responsible for the manuscript, with the possibility of inviting another specialist to evaluate the manuscript. After the manuscript has been recommended by the reviewers, authors receive a pre-acceptance notification informing the need to upload the required additional documentation. Although the opinions and concepts presented in manuscripts are the responsibility of the authors, the Editorial Board, supported by the Scientific Advisory Board, reserves the right to suggest or solicit modifications considered appropriate or necessary.

After pre-acceptance for publication, additional documents will be required:

i) the manuscript with the English reviewed as necessary and with “hidden for review” replaced by the relevant information;

ii) proof of payment of the publication fee; and

iii) certificate of English language revision of the text (the costs will be the responsibility of the authors). The BJVM provides a list of suggested English reviewers.