Research Note

Research Notes (maximum of 3 pages, including any tables and figures)

They should quickly communicate new techniques or advances in existing techniques.

Research notes should be composed of a running text, possibly divided into paragraphs, in the order TITLE, ABSTRACT, RESUMO, INTRODUCTION, MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULTS, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES.

Title: In boldface, centered.

Abstract:It must be written in a single paragraph without bibliographical citations. In the direct form and in the past, what was carried out and studied, and the most important results and conclusions. The maximum word limit is 200. At the end, there must be a list of three to five “Keywords”.

Introduction: It should be brief, with specific bibliographical citations, but without these assuming main importance, ending with indication of the objective of the work.

Material and Methods: This section should present data and describe the methods so that the study can be repeated by other researchers.

Results: This section should present a concise description of the data and findings obtained, supported by tables that are self-explanatory and prepared without superfluous data, always presenting, as applicable, averages of several repetitions. It is convenient, at times, to express complex data by graphs (Figures), when presenting and presenting them in extensive tables.

Discussion: The results should be discussed in light of the literature.

Conclusions: They should be based only on the results presented in the work.


The list must only include documents mentioned in the text., in alphabetical order of the surname of the first author. Follow the examples at the end of this document.