Information For Authors
Objectives and editorial policy

The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine (=Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária) - BJVM aims to publish the results of original research papers by Brazilian and foreign authors in all fields of Veterinary Medicine. This work should consist of research results not yet published and not under consideration for publication in another journal.

Bilingual Journal

Scientific articles, reviews and case reports should be submitted electronically and preferably edited in English. Articles submitted in Portuguese will be considered in the first round of evaluation, if they are recommended for publication, they must be translated into English by a company accredited by the RBMV, and will require the presentation of the translation certificate to be considered for review by the ad hoc consultants and the associate editor In a subsequent round of evaluation. The BJVM permits the publication of two versions of the article: in English and in Portuguese. The costs associated with translation are entirely the responsibility of the authors.

Selection Process

The original manuscripts undergo an initial Internal Editorial Evaluation to ensure that the content of the manuscript is in accordance with the scope of the Journal and to verify that the manuscript format conforms to the guidelines provided below.

Peer review

If considered appropriate, manuscripts are submitted for peer review in a double-blind review process (i.e. reviewers are not identified to the authors and vice versa). Prior to being accepted for publication, at least two expert reviewers will be consulted. In cases of divergence, a third expert will be consulted and the final decision will be left to the Chief Editor. Although the opinions and concepts expressed in the papers are wholly the responsibility of the authors, the Editorial Committee, supported by the Scientific Advisory Board, reserves the right to suggest or request any advisable or necessary modifications.

Submission of manuscripts

The responsible author will send the manuscript, in Word format, to the editor together with a signed cover letter stating that:

  • All authors were informed of the policies and norms of the Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine and that they agree to comply with all their requirements.
  • The total and/or partial content of the article submitted was not and will not be presented for publication to another journal or technical-scientific publication (neither print nor electronic) during the period of the peer review and editing process conducted by the RBVM

 All authors have read the final version of the submitted article and are jointly responsible for all concepts and information contained in the text and images presented. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária (Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine) is not legally responsible for the veracity and/or authenticity of this information.

  • There is no conflict of interest and if the article is accepted for publication, the authors approve the assignment of the publication rights to Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária (Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine) for the total or partial reproduction of the versions it deems appropriate.