Prosencephalic hypoplasia in a calf: case report
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congenital malformations, nervous system, bovine, pathology.

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Caldas, S. A., Nogueira, V. de A., Caldas, L. V. L., Carvalho, N. da S., Oliveira, L. C., Gonçalo, V. V. da C., Pinto, M. P. R., & Peixoto, T. da C. (2018). Prosencephalic hypoplasia in a calf: case report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 39(4), 275–278.


Our study aimed to report a case of prosencephalic hypoplasia, a condition in which the rostral end of
the brain hemispheres is absent, in a crossbred calf. Grossly, the prosenchephalic (telencephalon and
diencephalon) region of the brain was poorly developed and reduced in size; the brain hemispheres were
absent, and brain convolutions were poorly delimited. Etiology of this condition in domestic animals is
unknown. Hereditary factors and toxic and infectious agents may lead to congenital defects
PDF (Português (Brasil))