Editorial Policy (antigo)

The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine (BJVM) is an open access online journal, peer-reviewed, that publishes in the continuous flow mode in a single annual volume. It aims to publish the results of original research papers by Brazilian and foreign authors in all fields of Veterinary Medicine. These works must consist of a scientific article, case report, short communication, research note, and review not yet published and not considered for publication in another journal. Literature reviews will only be accepted at the invitation of the editor-in-chief or one of the associates. All texts must be sent in English.

Objectives and editorial policy


The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine (RBMV) is an open-access online peer-reviewed journal that publishes content in the continuous flow modality in a single yearly volume. Its goal is to publish the results of original research s by Brazilian and foreign authors in all fields of veterinary medicine. These works can be in the form of scientific articles, case reports, short communications, research notes or review articles, not previously published or considered for publication in other journals. Literature reviews will only be accepted after an invitation from the editor-in-chief or one of the associate editors. All texts must be submitted in the English language.

Ethics Consideration

All authors must respect the international rules and the Brazilian legal framework regarding ethics in research involving human beings or any non-human vertebrates.

Besides this, good research practices must be observed in all steps of the experiments. For studies that involve animals, we recommend following the guidelines indicated at: 



Copyrights: All content published in RBMV is protected by original copyrights, with all rights reserved to the authors, unless indicated otherwise. The content of RBMV is licensed under a Creative Commons License with the attribution CC BY-NC 3.0 BR, which allows sharing, copying and redistributing the material in any support or format, as well as adapting — remixing, transforming and creating material – for any non-commercial purpose, provided that proper credit is attributed to the author(s) of the original creation.


Open Access Statment

The Brazileira Journal of Veterinary Medicine is an open-access journal which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or their institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full texts of the articles, or use them for any other legal purpose, without asking for prior permission from the editor or author, provided they are cited. The font is licensed by Creative Commons Attribution International CC-BY.

Accessibility: The works published in the RBMV will remain available online since their publication. There is and will not be a charge or registration requirement to access the publications.

Process of selecting manuscripts

The manuscripts will first be submitted to an internal editorial evaluation to make sure that the content is suitable for the scope of the journal, that its formatting is in conformity with our guidelines, described below, and that all the necessary supporting documents have been duly attached in the submission system.

The manuscripts found to be appropriate in the initial evaluation will be sent for double-blind peer review 

Peer reviews

The manuscripts found to be appropriate in the initial evaluation will be sent for double-blind peer review (the reviewers are not identified to the authors and vice versa). Before a decision on a manuscript, at least two specialists must have presented their evaluations. In case of divergence, the final decision will rest with the associate editor responsible for the manuscript, with the possibility of inviting another specialist to evaluate the manuscript. After the manuscript has been recommended by the reviewers, authors receive a pre-acceptance notification informing the need to upload the required additional documentation. Although the opinions and concepts presented in manuscripts are the responsibility of the authors, the Editorial Board, supported by the Scientific Advisory Board, reserves the right to suggest or solicit modifications considered appropriate or necessary.

After pre-acceptance for publication, additional documents will be required:

i) the manuscript with the English reviewed as necessary and with “hidden for review” replaced by the relevant information;

ii) proof of payment of the publication fee; and

iii) certificate of English language revision of the text (the costs will be the responsibility of the authors). The BJVM provides a list of suggested English reviewers.


Anti-Plagiarism Policy: The editors of BJVM follow a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Plagiarism is defined as the copying of ideas, texts, data and other creative works (e.g., tables, figures and graphs) from other published works and representing them as being original. 

If evidence of plagiarism is found before or after the acceptance of a manuscript, the corresponding author will have the right of rebuttal. If the arguments are considered unsatisfactory, the manuscript will be removed and the author will be prevented from submitting new manuscripts for publication for a period to be determined by the editor-in-chief.

Triage to detect plagiarism

The BJVM recommends that before submitting a manuscript, the authors check it with a program designed to detect h plagiarism.

The BJVM reserves the right to check all manuscripts submitted with software designed to detect plagiarism.

Publication fee

The costs will be covered by the authors after BJVM approval. The publication fee is R$ 300.00 or US$ 100.00 for Brazilian or foreign authors, respectively.

Declaration of Privacy

 The names and e-mail addresses inserted in this site will be used exclusively for the purposes declared here and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


Recommended Data Repositories

The BJMV encourages authors of texts to be published to deposit complementary results files to their manuscripts in one of the repositories listed at the SciELO website:https://wp.scielo.org/wp-content/uploads/Lista-de-Repositorios-Recomendados_pt.pdf.