Anti-Plagiarism Policies

Anti-Plagiarism Policy: The editors of BJVM follow a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Plagiarism is defined as the copying of ideas, texts, data and other creative works (e.g., tables, figures and graphs) from other published works and representing them as being original. 

If evidence of plagiarism is found before or after the acceptance of a manuscript, the corresponding author will have the right of rebuttal. If the arguments are considered unsatisfactory, the manuscript will be removed and the author will be prevented from submitting new manuscripts for publication for a period to be determined by the editor-in-chief.

Triage to detect plagiarism

The BJVM recommends that before submitting a manuscript, the authors check it with a program designed to detect h plagiarism.

The BJVM reserves the right to check all manuscripts submitted with software designed to detect plagiarism.