Conservative treatment of ventricular tumors secondary to mammary neoplasia in dog Case Report

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Mário dos Santos Filho
Daniel Carvalho Hainfellner
Nathália Marques de Oliveira Lemos
Mateus Fernando Senra de Almeida
Diana do Amaral Mendonça
Marcela Rodrigues Valério de Oliveira Folha
Bruno Ricardo Soares Alberigi
Jonimar Pereira Paiva


Cardiac neoplasms are uncommon, but secondary or metastatic neoplasms are relatively frequent, with an incidence 60 times higher than the primary ones. A particularly high frequency of metastatic cardiac involvement has been observed in lung squamous cell carcinomas, urinary tract tumors, and melanomas. However, the incidence is low because of breast tumors in dogs. Cardiac tumors may be symptomatic or, more commonly, an incidental finding observed during the investigation of unrelated problems. The clinical presentation is associated with that of a disseminated neoplasm, and cardiac metastases are generally asymptomatic but should be considered in patients with a history of neoplasia who present with impaired conduction, breathlessness, cardiomegaly, or arrhythmias. The present report aimed to describe a clinical case of cardiac metastasis of breast neoplasia in a dog in which we focusedon conservative clinical treatment and the importance of investigating the incidental clinical findings.

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Filho, M. dos S., Hainfellner, D. C., de Oliveira Lemos, N. M., Almeida, M. F. S. de, Mendonça, D. do A., Folha, M. R. V. de O., Alberigi, B. R. S., Fernandes, J. I., & Paiva, J. P. (2019). Conservative treatment of ventricular tumors secondary to mammary neoplasia in dog: Case Report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 41(1), e099419. Retrieved from
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Jonimar Pereira Paiva, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. UFRRJ, Seropédica, RJ, Brazil

Deceased in Dezember, 12, 2018

Jonimar Pereira Paiva was a graduate in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), and a master's degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ). He was a doctor by the Graduate Program in Clinical and Animal Reproduction of UFF. Adjunct Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, UFRRJ Veterinary Institute. This study in the area of Veterinary Medicine, with attention in Clinical Veterinary Medicine, should have the following topics: Cardiology and Respiratory Diseases of Animals and Canine Heartworm Disease. He was also vice-coordinator of the Post Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine at UFRRJ.