Color dilution alopecia: case report

  • Natália Lores Lopes
  • André de Paula Peixoto
  • Thiago dos Santos Costa
  • Rafaela Bruno Farias Pisani
  • Carolina Moraes Barbalho Trivisol Medeiros
  • Regina Helena Ruckert Ramadinha
  • Mariana Bezerra Mascarenhas
  • Julio Israel Fernandes
Keywords: Dog, Alopecia, Follicular Dysplasia


Color dilution alopecia is characterized by follicular dysplasia that leads to alopecia characterized by an abnormal distribution of melanin in the hair. There are few reports of mixed breed dogs and the diagnosis can be reached based on trichogramma and confirmed by histopathological evaluation. The aim of this study was to report a case of Color dilution alopecia in a mixed breed dog treated at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro that had generalized hypotrichosis. Trichogramma was performed and was observed the presence of melanin aggregates along the hair shafts. Histopathological evaluation showed the presence of atypical macromelanossomas and melanin plugs into follicular structures scattered throughout the superficial dermis and deep, mild acanthosis with hyperkeratosis and absence of many follicles. The changes observed were consistent with color diluted alopecia. It is concluded that in order to obtain the diagnosis of color diluted alopecia, clinical history is important as well as a well-done clinical and dermatological examination, with the exclusion of possible diagnoses and the skin histopathology, which is an important tool for diagnosis

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Lopes, N. L., Peixoto, A. de P., Costa, T. dos S., Pisani, R. B. F., Medeiros, C. M. B. T., Ramadinha, R. H. R., Mascarenhas, M. B., & Fernandes, J. I. (2018). Color dilution alopecia: case report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 39(3), 198-202.
Case report

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