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Luciana Afonso Guimarães
Rodrigo Alves Bezerra
Carlos Eduardo D’Alencar Mendonça
Waldemar Oliveira D’Afosenca
George Rêgo Albuquerque


ABSTRACT. Guimarães L.A., Bezerra R.A., Mendonça C.E.D., D´Afonseca W.O. & Albuquerque G.R. [Prevalence of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus in mesoregion of south baiano, Bahia, Brazil]. Prevalência do Vírus da Anemia Infecciosa Eqüina na mesorregião do sul baiano, Bahia, Brasil. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 33(2):79-82, 2011. Departamento de Ciências Agrárias e Ambientais, Universida2de Estadual de Santa Cruz, BA 415 km 16, Salobrinho, Ilhéus, 45662-000, BA Brasil. Email: The Equine Infectious Anemia is a cosmopolitan infeccion of equine caused by a virus belonging the family Retroviridae, genus Lentivírus, transmited mainly by hematophagous insects. It’s objectived to achieve an epidemiological inquest of the equine infectious anemia vírus in the animals from the mesoregion of the south of Bahia. It was collected 2457 samples of the equine’s blood, between January and December of 2009, from 68 municipalities in mesoregion of the south of Bahia, that were submitted to the test in the agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID). Of these, 5,90% (145/2457) were positive to EIA virus. It was observed statistics difference to age (p=0,0003) and breed (p=0,0000). When analyzed, the farms 13,43% (36/268) and the municipalities 41,17% (28/68) were positive, having at least one animal reagent for EIAV. The month that had more cases in relation to the annual total of positives was September 26.20% (38/391). The virus of the Equine Infectious Anemia finds itself spread out in the Bahia South mesoregion.

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Guimarães, L. A., Bezerra, R. A., Mendonça, C. E. D., D’Afosenca, W. O., & Albuquerque, G. R. (2011). PREVALENCE OF EQUINE INFECTIOUS ANEMIA VIRUS IN MESOREGION OF SOUTH BAIANO, BAHIA, BRAZIL. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 33(2), 85–88. Retrieved from
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