Swimmer puppy syndrome: Retrospective study of 26 cases

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Renato Moura Ramos
Fabiane Azeredo Atallah
Mônica Jorge Luz
Jussara Peters Scheffer
William Cordeiro Hyppolito
Lívia Gomes Amaral
Ricardo Siqueira da Silva
André Lacerda de Abreu Oliveira


ABSTRACT. Ramos R.M., Atallah F.A., Luz M.J., Scheffer J.P., Hyppolito W.C., Amaral L.G., Silva R.S. & Oliveira A.L.A. [Swimmer puppy syndrome: Retrospective study of 26 cases]. Síndrome do cão nadador: estudo retrospectivo de 26 casos. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 35(Supl. 1):96-100, 2013. Curso de Pós-Graduação em Ciência Animal, CCTA, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro, Avenida Alberto Lamego, 2000, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ 28013602, Brasil. Email: renatomoran@hotmail.com Swimmer Puppy Syndrome (SPS) often affects chondrodystrophic breeds of short legs as english bulldog, scottish terrier and basset hound. The syndrome is characterized by hyperextension of joints tibial-patellofemoral and tibio-tarsal and bilateral hyperflexion of the hip joint and it is often associated with diseases such genu recurvatum, pectus excavatum, medial patellar luxation and heart murmur. The retrospective study had the objective to report and discusses 26 cases of SCN from March 2008 to July 2012 in the region of Campos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. The study was performed with a group of 26 dogs, nine females and seven males, with ages ranging from 28 to 54 days, showing clinical signs characteristic of SPS. Initial treatment for all animals was based on changing the floor where these dogs lived, supplementation of vitamin E and selenium, physiotherapy, weight control and use of bandages. The high prevalence of animals of the same farrow and / or puppy of consanguineous parents leads us to believe that genetic factors are involved in the etiology of this syndrome. Clinical treatment was effective in all dogs, promoting healing in animals without bone deformity.

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Ramos, R. M., Atallah, F. A., Luz, M. J., Scheffer, J. P., Hyppolito, W. C., Amaral, L. G., da Silva, R. S., & Oliveira, A. L. de A. (2012). Swimmer puppy syndrome: Retrospective study of 26 cases. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 35(Supl.1), 96-100. Retrieved from http://rbmv.org/index.php/BJVM/article/view/656
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