Complementary treatments for wound with exuberant granulation tissue in one horse - Case report

  • Leandro Freitas de Sousa Viana
  • Amauri Arias Wenceslau
  • Sonia Carmen Lopo Costa
  • Maria Amélia Fernandes Figueiredo
  • Fabiana do Socorro da Silva Dias de Andrade
  • Manoel Luiz Ferreira
Keywords: Wounds, fibroma, exuberant tissue, equine


ABSTRACT. Viana L.F.S., Wenceslau A.A., Costa S.C.L., Figueiredo M.A.F., Andrade F.S.S.D. & Ferreira M.L. [Complementary treatments for wound with exuberant granulation tissue in one horse - Case report.] Tratamentos complementares para ferida com tecido de granulação exuberante em um equino - Relato de caso. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 36(4):417-420, 2014. Departamento de Ciências Ambientais e Agrárias, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade, Rodovia Ilhéus Itabuna, Km 16, Salobrinho, Ilhéus, BA 45662-000, Brasil. E-mail: This paper reports the treatment of a two years olde mare, Mangalarga Marchador breed, wich suffered injury in right hind limb and developed a chronic granuloma. Radiographic showed infuse periosteal reaction, so surgery excision was recomended. The extracted material was sent for histopathological analysis. The postoperative treatment consisted of dexamethasone (IV), phenylbutazone (IV), morphine (IM) and cephalosporin (IM). As a complementary therapy, the healing period was used policresuleno, silver sulfadiazine, copper sulfate, copaiba oil, barbatimão and laser therapy. Further sessions were held with power of 10mW laser therapy, 4J/cm2 intensity and wavelength of 658nm. The patient’s recovery was slow but got up successfully, the lesion healed completely after eight months and there was no recurrence of the fabric to date of publication of this report, so little functional impairment of the animal.


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