Development of methodology for collecting semen from pacas

  • Cristiana Gama Pacheco Stradiotti
  • José Frederico Straggiotti Silva
  • Isabel Candia Nunes da Cunha
  • Deolindo Stradiotti Júnior
  • Antônio Carlos Cóser
  • Charlene Cândida Rangel
  • Tatiana Fiorotti Rodrigues
  • Flebson Montalvão de Almeida
Keywords: Anatomy of paca, ejaculatory processes, electro stimulator, stimulation protocols, collection of semen, assisted reproduction


ABSTRACT. Stradiotti C.G.P., Silva J.F.S., Cunha I.C.N., Stradiotti Junior D., Cóser A.C., Rangel C.C., Rodrigues T.F. & Almeida F.M. [Development of methodology for collecting semen from pacas.] Desenvolvimento de metodologia para coleta de sêmen de pacas. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 37(3):222- 226, 2015. Programa de Pós-Graduação em Reprodução e Nutrição Animal, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Rua Alto Universitário, s/n, Bairro Guararema, Alegre, ES 29500-000, Brasil. E-mail: The objective of this work was to conduct measures of the preview anatomy of the reproductive apparatus of male paca, mainly of structures related of ejaculatory processes for the development of a specific electro stimulator to the species, in order to test efficient techniques for semen collection and study. It was based on the fact that this species present a condition significantly unfavorable to captive breeding when compared to reproduction in their natural habitat. Four dead animals were dissected from the pelvic region, aiming at regional macroscopic view of the pelvic plexus and associated nerves to other structures. Thus, measures the distance from the pelvic plexus to the anal opening and diameter of the rectum, for making the probe of the electro stimulator. For testing the electro stimulator and the protocol of electro stimulation what fit better, were used nine breeding between 18 and 36 months of age. The procedures used to possible the semen macroscopic evaluation consisted of removal of the tails of the epididymis and its submission for the technique of sperm recovery from post mortem. Descriptive statistics based on means and standard deviations of measures for the development of an electro stimulator were used. The usual techniques of dissection, based on description of neuroanatomy for domestic mammals were efficient for the location of the pelvic plexus. The used measure to the anal opening was correct for making electro stimulation device probe. The protocol that best adjusted was developed based on observations of the natural mating system of animals. Younger animals showed ejaculatory responses with voltages lower than in older animals. The seminal characteristics were similar to those described by other authors for the species.


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