Description of seven cases of abomasal displacement in pregnant cows

  • Antônio Carlos Lopes Câmara
  • José Augusto Bastos Afonso
  • Carla Lopes de Mendonça
  • Nivaldo de Azevedo Costa
  • José Renato Junqueira Borges
Keywords: Cattle, digestive disorder, pyloro-omentopexy, pregnancy


ABSTRACT. Câmara A.C.L., Afonso J.A.B., de Mendonça C.L., Costa N. de A. & Borges J.R.J. [Description of seven cases of abomasal displacement in pregnant cows.] Descrição de sete casos de deslocamento do abomaso em vacas prenhes. Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 37(1):20-24, 2015. Hospital Veterinário, Setor de Grandes Animais, Universidade Federal Rural do Semi- -árido, BR 110, Km 47, Presidente Costa e Silva, Mossoró, RN 59625-900, Brasil. E-mail: The present study aimed to detail the clinical outcome in seven pregnant cows affected with abomasal displacement. We diagnosed six cases of right abomasal displacement and one case of left abomasal displacement (DAE), affecting six crossbred cows (85.7%) and one Holstein cow (14.3%). Gestational age ranged from the second (2/7), fifth (1/7), sixth (2/7) and above the eighth month (2/7). Five animals underwent pyloro-omentopexy, while two animals were treated clinically. All cows were discharged from clinic with regard to the resolution of the disease. Five cows (71.4%) delivered healthy calves, while two (28.6%) aborted during hospitalization. Thus, it is assumed that abomasal displacement does not represent a severe disorder for pregnancy maintenance when diagnosed and treated early.

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Câmara, A. C. L., Afonso, J. A. B., de Mendonça, C. L., Costa, N. de A., & Borges, J. R. J. (2015). Description of seven cases of abomasal displacement in pregnant cows. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 37(1), 20-24. Retrieved from

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