Quadricuspid aortic valve and supracrystal interventricular communication in a Brazilian equestrian horse

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Jéssica do Rocio Janiszewski
Andressa Duarte Lorga
Anny Raissa Carolini Gomes
Lucimara Strugava
Bruna Machado Amaral Rosa
Cassiano Ricardo Rios
Marlos Gonçalves Sousa
Peterson Triches Dornbusch


A 13-year-old Brazilian warmblood gelding arrived at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Paraná presenting a murmur on cardiac auscultation. At physical evaluation, an IV/VI intensity holosystolic heart murmur was heard. Due to this clinical sign, an echocardiogram examination was performed, which showed supracrystal interventricular communication, quadricuspid aortic valve (QAV) and, in Doppler evaluation, aortic reflux was noted and turbulent flow. Similar cardiac anomalies have been described in humans, hamsters, dogs, cats and shrews. However, there is only one case report in a horse and in which the equine had QAV and ventricular septal defect (VSD). Despite the congenital heart defects, the animal had no obvious signs of heart failure.

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do Rocio Janiszewski, J., Duarte Lorga, A. ., Raissa Carolini Gomes, A. ., Strugava, L. ., Machado Amaral Rosa, B. ., Ricardo Rios, C. ., Gonçalves Sousa, M., & Triches Dornbusch, P. . (2020). Quadricuspid aortic valve and supracrystal interventricular communication in a Brazilian equestrian horse. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 42(1), e112320. https://doi.org/10.29374/2527-2179.bjvm112320
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Bruna Machado Amaral Rosa, Veterinarian, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Ciências Veterinárias (PPGCV), UFPR, Curitiba, PR, Brasil.

Mestranda em Ciências Veterinárias na UFPR

Peterson Triches Dornbusch, Veterinarian, DSc., DMV, UFPR, Curitiba, PR, Brazil.




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