Sucessful of nitempyram in treatment occular myiasis in orbital cavity in dog – case report

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Fernando Rocha Miranda
Renan Bernardes Tavares
Ciro Eugênio da Silva de Oliveira
Emily Andressa Santos Lima
Diefrey Ribeiro Campos
Fabio Barbour Scott
Julio Israel Fernandes


The aim of this study was to report the efficacy of nitempiram against Cochiliomiyia hominivorax larvae in ocular myiasis in a naturally infested dog. A female Beagle dog with occular miyasis was attended. After care and clinical examination, was found involvement of the entire ocular and periocular region. The animal was treated with nitenpyram, with a dose of 4,7 mg/kg, orally, jointly with analgesic medication. The expulsion and fall of live and dead larvae were evaluated, which were quantified every 15 minutes in the first hour and thereafter at 2, 3, 4, 6, 18 hours after treatment and subsequent manual removal of the larvae. Overall effectiveness was calculated, the larval expulsion rate and the larvicidal effect of nitenpyram. In full there were 140 larvae in the lesion, from which 90 live larvae were expelled, 46 dead larvae and 4 dead larvae mechanically removed, presenting 100% overall effectiveness, with larval expulsion activity of 97.1% and larvicidal efficacy of 35.7%. Based on the results obtained in this case, it can be concluded that nitenpyram has a fast-acting and safe action under C. hominivorax larvae, proving be a pleasant alternative therapeutic alternative for the elimination of myiasis in orbital cavity of dogs.

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Rocha Miranda, F., Bernardes Tavares, R., da Silva de Oliveira, C. E., Santos Lima , E. A., Ribeiro Campos, D., Barbour Scott, F., & Fernandes, J. I. (2020). Sucessful of nitempyram in treatment occular myiasis in orbital cavity in dog – case report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 42(1), e108920.
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