Feline intraocular sarcoma: case report

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Isabela Pessôa Barbieri Bastos
Camila Valério Baruel
Thais Fontes Braga
Rayssa Dias Faleiro
Renan Schiebel Medeiros
Leonardo Rodrigues de Lima


Ophthalmic disorders in cats are increasingly common in veterinarians’ professional routine. Eye neoplasms are important diseases that can lead to discomfort, visual loss and death. Feline intraocular sarcoma is a malignant neoplasm that can be diagnosed in cats of any age. In this report, a 6-month-old female cat was treated at the Veterinary Hospital of Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, with the left eyeball in the phthisisbulbi stage resulting from a traumatic event four months previously. Enucleation surgery for the affected eye was performed. The histopathological evaluation of the eyeball revealed early-stage intraocular sarcoma

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Pessôa Barbieri Bastos, I., Valério Baruel, C. ., Fontes Braga, T. ., Dias Faleiro, R. ., Schiebel Medeiros, R. ., & Rodrigues de Lima, L. . (2020). Feline intraocular sarcoma: case report . Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 42(1), e106920. https://doi.org/10.29374/2527-2179.bjvm106920
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