Dynamics of seizure of animal products in international baggage on Airport of Brasilia (AIB-PJK/SBBR).

  • Cristiano Barros de Melo
  • Tayná Cardim Morais Fino
  • Fábio Fraga Schwingel
  • Marco Túlio Santiago
  • Luis Fernando Ribeiro de Barros
  • Concepta McManus
  • Marcos Eielson Pinheiro de Sá
Keywords: Airport, surveillance, infection, animal health, agricultural surveillance


ABSTRACT. de Melo C.B., Fino T.C.M., Schwingel F.F., Santiago M.T., de Barros L.F.R., McManus C. & Sá M.E.P. [Dynamics of seizure of animal products in international baggage on Airport of Brasilia (AIB-PJK/SBBR).] Dinâmica da apreensão de produtos de origem animal em bagagens internacionais no Aeroporto de Brasília (AIB-PJK/SBBR). Revista Brasileira de Medicina Veterinária, 38(3):265-276, 2016. Universidade de Brasília, PPGCA, Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro, ICC Sul, Asa Norte, Brasília, DF 70910-900, Brasil. E-mail: cristianomelo@unb.br The risk of introducing infectious agents increases as the volume of imported products rises. The illegal entry of animal products (POA) brought in international passenger baggage is a factor that makes up the risk assessment and that grows proportionally to the intensification of international transit passengers. They evaluated the data on seizures of animal products intercepted in international baggage passengers in Airport of Brasilia (AIB-PJK/SBBR) between the years 2010 and 2012. The analysis of the dynamics of these seizures considered the POA category, origin, airline and months more frequently and also verified the correlation between these variables. According to retrospective analysis, nearly eight tons of POA were seized from 52 countries throughout the study period. The results showed Portugal (p <0.0001) as the source of passengers who had higher frequency and quantity of seizures, and, added to other European origins, totaled 84.3% of seizures. The months of July, August and September stood out for the highest number of seizures and greater movement of international passengers. The increase in the number of seizures accompanied by a rise in the percentage of inspected passengers (r=0.69), emphasizing the importance of airport surveillance. According to the calculation of relative risk, passengers from African and South American countries showed greater magnitude of risk to bring animal products erratically when compared to other origins.

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de Melo, C. B., Fino, T. C. M., Schwingel, F. F., Santiago, M. T., de Barros, L. F. R., McManus, C., & de Sá, M. E. P. (2016). Dynamics of seizure of animal products in international baggage on Airport of Brasilia (AIB-PJK/SBBR). Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 38(3), 265-276. Retrieved from http://rbmv.org/index.php/BJVM/article/view/103

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