Performance and immune response of 1 to 21-day-old broilers fed diets supplemented with organic zinc

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Sandra Regina Gomes Silva
João Batista Lopes
Daniel Medeiros Noronha Albuquerque
Elvania Maria da Silva Costa Moreira
Daniela Cristina Pereira Lima
Mabell Nery Ribeiro


The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of levels of zinc in organic form in diets for broilers in the period 1- 21 days on performance and immune response. Were underwent the experimental design completely randomized, with four treatments and five replicates. Treatments consisted of supplementing the diet with organic zinc at different levels (30, 60, and 90 mg/kg) plus an unsupplemented control treatment. The guaranteed levels of supplementary organic zinc (carbon-amino-phospho-chelate) were 100,000 mg/kg. In pre-starter phase, 1 a 7 days, the  treatments had a quadratic effect on feed intake (P=0,02) and weight (P=0,06) according were respectively equations:  y=-6E-06x2+0,0007x+0,1273 (R2=0,93) e y = -2E-06x2 + 0,0002x+0,1085 (R²=0,76), where the highest values were respectively, in the additional levels of 58.33 and  50.0 mg of zinc/kg diet. The treatments affected of quadratic way the carcass yield and the relative weight of the pancreas, providing higher values in the levels of 47.33 and 75 mg / kg, 44 respectively. The relative heart weight was influenced positively linearly by treatments. It is concluded that supplementing the diet with organic zinc has effects on performance, influence carcass yield, circulatory system and endocrine system in broiler.

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Gomes Silva, S. R. ., Lopes, J. B., Medeiros Noronha Albuquerque, D. ., da Silva Costa Moreira, E. M. ., Pereira Lima, D. C. ., & Nery Ribeiro, M. . (2020). Performance and immune response of 1 to 21-day-old broilers fed diets supplemented with organic zinc. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 42(1), e101120.
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