New Editorial Policy


The Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, adopts from 07/20/2020 the Submit system of submission and evaluation of articles, aiming to offer its collaborators an easier and more intuitive process, ensuring more agility in the submission, better monitoring of the stages evaluation, improvement in the process by the evaluators and easier communication throughout the process.

Along with this modification, other changes will be adopted: the RBMV starts to receive articles only in the English language. The adoption of clearer editorial policies with specific sections for Ethical Considerations on animal research; Role of Authors and contributors, who will be discriminated against, Magazine policy on Plagiarism and RBMV's role as a science disseminating agent in the area of ​​Veterinary Medicine, which will encourage the publication of research data in dedicated repositories.

These changes put the BJVM in line with the best editorial practices for scientific journals, which allows us to claim accreditation with the most selective indexers in the Life Sciences area, where Veterinary Medicine research is inserted.

These changes reflect the BJVM's commitment to the pursuit of more quality and as a result of this, greater impact of publications.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has collaborated with RBMV on this path towards the internationalization of scientific publication, in particular, we thank the scientific body and the magazine's Ad Hoc reviewers.